Wills & Trust Seminar: Wills & Trust Made Simple

Discover what most Singaporeans do not know about wills & trust and why this affects you and your loved ones.

Discover what most Singaporeans do not know about wills & trust and why this affects you and your loved ones.

About the Seminar

In this short session, you will uncover the answers to these interesting questions:

  • Can you write your own will? What makes a valid will?
  • Who would decide on your wealth distribution if there is no will? Would your wealth and estate be really given out according to your wishes?
  • Would there be a possibility that your wealth could be leaked out and given to family members or spouse’s family members whom you have totally no intention of giving? How can you safeguard and prevent such situations from ever happening?
  • Who would be the best person to execute your wishes on your behalf? Are family members the best choice?
  • Who should have custody over your children if any mishaps happen to both parents?
  • Why it can be detrimental to leave one’s wealth and estate to young children?
  •  How can you safeguard both your wealth and your children’s well-being?
  • How does divorce & remarriage affect one’s estate if there is no will?
  • In the event of mental incapacity, how does it affect your will?
  • Who can you entrust your financial decisions with and ensure your wishes are carried out entirely?

Through this seminar, many people have benefitted and gained a better understanding of the importance and necessity of proper wills and trust planning in order to carry out one’s final wishes for their loved ones. For more information, please contact us at events@lightadream.com.sg.