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Top 10 Things To Know About Construction Adjudication In Singapore

Security Of Payment Act (SOP) – Top 10 Things To Know About Construction Adjudication In Singapore


With its enactment on 1 April 2005, the SOP Act has dramatically changed the local landscape on how construction claims are processed and paid. In particular the “payment certification mechanism” under the SOP Act has created many interesting and novel issues for contractors, employers and consultants to grapple with, with some cases even having to be brought to the courts for resolution and judicial clarification.

Since the various players in the construction industry cannot contract out of the SOP Act, it is important that they have a proper understanding of its workings and unique features in order to exploit the SOP Act’s touted advantages of speedy processing of claims and cost savings.

This seminar aims to provide attendees with an overview of the SOP Act and the top 10 key essentials of the SOP Act with reference to actual adjudication cases.

About the Seminar

Drawing on the experience as both adjudicator and counsel, the speaker will first provide an overview of the SOP Act and its workings including an introduction to the various terminology used in the Act and the payment certification mechanism.

The speaker will thereafter delve into several novel issues that have arisen in recent adjudications, and address the same by discussing 10 essential things that construction industry players must know about the SOP Act, including the following:

  • SMC Adjudication Procedure Rules, 3rd Ed 2015
  • Importance of complying with the timelines and requirements under the SOP Act
  • When and how can the jurisdiction of an adjudicator be challenged under the SOP Act?
  • Know your Adjudicator!
  • Are parties allowed to bring repeat claims?
  • Service of payment claims and payment response under the SOP Act – when can validity of service be challenged?
  • How detailed must my payment claim and response be? How many documents should I provide?
  • What is the best way of presenting your payment claim or payment response?
  • Are “counterclaims” or “clawbacks” permissible under the adjudication regime?
  • Am I doomed if I do not provide a payment response?

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