Build Better Relationships

As we go into the season of Thanksgiving, let us take this time to build a new habit of making sure that we are that salt & light to the people around us, instead of the source of negativity. Admin Talia saw this really interesting article about the things we tend to remember, and am sharing this article here with all of you here.

Below is an excerpt from the article.

Want to build intimacy in your primary relationships? Harness the power of memory.

Memory is a powerful tool for creating and sustaining intimacy.

Five well-established principles guide the functioning of memory, and when we understand how these principles work, we can build better relationships by shifting our behavior in a way that plays to the power of memory. These are simple changes, but the effect they can have on our connection with loved ones is profound.

Make Memory Work for You

Here are some key opportunities for using memory to build better relationships.

We remember events that happen first, so greet your partner with genuine affection in the morning when you wake and after work when you arrive home. This fuels positive long-term memories and sets up a constructive framework for approaching challenges when they do arise.

We remember things that are repeated, so be mindful of what you say to your spouse and children, and how. Repeated positive messages bolster self-esteem, self-confidence, and feelings of love and affection, while repeated negative messages have the opposite effect.

We remember things that are out of the ordinary, so seek out novel activities with your loved ones: visit new places, listen to new music, try new restaurants.

We remember things that are personal, so take time to authentically listen to your partner’s stories and perspective at least once a day. He or she will feel loved and accepted.

We remember things that happened recently, so make every “last” interaction a positive one: End each night with a hug; kiss goodbye before heading out to work each morning.

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