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Light A Dream Pte Ltd was established, in early 2014, with the goal of providing quality & relevant training for continued Professional & Personal Development. Our workshops and talks are  tailored for both young adults and working professionals, and seek to help people get ahead in their career, build stronger relationships and achieve greater success in their life. We also work with schools and education instituitions to bring workshops and talks to the students, empowering them and making a difference in their lives.

Corporate & Sales Trainings

On the corporate level, our workshops and courses are supplemented with exercises, discussions, role-plays and case studies that helps transfer all that you’ve learned back to the real world.. We also have courses to help sales personnel and front-line customer service officers to improve their salesmanship.  Through our workshops and courses, they will learn to discover their own strength.

Workshops & Talks at Schools

By working with schools and educational institutions, we believe that we can help the children be aware of their potential early in their life and start developing good habits of the mind. In turn, they will be able to see transformation to become a confident person, a self directed learner and an active contributor to the society.