5 Reasons Why Anyone Can be Great at Public Speaking

Did you know that the number one fear among the human race is the fear of public speaking followed by the fear of death? This means that most people would rather die than speak in public. Glossophobia is the fear of speaking in public and it is widespread among lots of people regardless of personality types. As we all know, there are two different types of personalities; the introverts and the extroverts. Introverts are naturally shy, socially anxious and don’t exactly like crowds or being around people. They don’t like speaking a lot and when it comes to public speaking, it would be next to impossible for them to pull it through. Extroverts on the other hand don’t mind being around people. They are outgoing, they appreciate crowds and they talk a lot within their circles. You would think they wouldn’t have any problem with public speaking but surprisingly, even for the extroverted people, some of them find it extremely difficult to speak in front of a large crowd of people. Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, the good news is that you can be trained to be an excellent public speaker. Being a great speaker enhances your effective communication skills both one-to-one or one-to-many.

Here are five reasons why anyone can be a great public speaker.

1. Public Speaking is Learnable.

Forget the popular notion that some people are naturally-born public speakers. While this could be true to some extent, it doesn’t mean that you cannot give a public speech simply because you weren’t born with the gift. If you put in the determination and strong will to learn how to be a good public speaker, you will see how comfortable it will be for you when giving a public speech. You can achieve this by enrolling for short public speaking workshops or courses in Singapore. Light A Dream is one of such company in Singapore who conducts effective communication workshops and talks.

2. Having the Right Mindset.

If one of the reasons why you fear speaking in public is because you once gave a terrible presentation in the past, you may have to change your negative mindset. The right kind of mindset when it comes to public speaking means constantly telling yourself that you are a great public speaker. Forget that terrible presentation you gave in the past. Convince your mind that that was just a bad day and that you will get better. Fill your mind daily with positive quotes and see your day brighten up. Remember, whatever your mind perceives it can achieve.

3. Practice, Practice and More Practice.

Devoting a generous amount of time to prepare for your speech will surely help you to become a great pubic speaker. Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was the greatest and most powerful public speaker in his time and he termed practice as one of his secrets to becoming a great public speaker. He would dedicate one hour to research and rehearse for every minute he would make a presentation. This means that for a speech that would be 10 minutes long, he would take 10 good hours to prepare for it. This just goes to show how much of an impact practice can have in making you a great public speaker. Preparation involves working on your volume, on your pitch, on your rate of speaking and tonal variation, on your pauses etc. Practice on your own as well as in a small crowd of people until you get better at it. Practice makes perfect.

4. Having Confidence and Believing in Yourself.

As long as you believe in yourself, no one can convince you otherwise. Get rid of thoughts such as “They will laugh at me.” “I’m boring and no one would want to listen to me.” “I will get nervous and mess everything up.” Well, you cannot dictate what people will say about you but what you think of yourself is the most important thing. You can stir confidence in you by practicing well, dressing appropriately, smiling, being comfortable in the environment and maintaining eye contact when giving your speech.

5. Speaking Can Be Great Fun.

Last but not least, considering public speaking as something fun to do will help you become a great public speaker. How do you do this? First things first, find a niche that you are familiar and comfortable. Choose a topic you are quite passionate about and love doing. Once you do this, you will find that it is easier to give a public speech on it because you are having fun!